Your afternoon just got sweeter


If you work in downtown Minneapolis, you don’t have to go far for a cool treat. Amy’s Classic Confections (601 Marquette Ave.), well-known for its custom made candy and chocolate gift baskets, also carries gelato.

Gelato flavors at Amy's include coffee, coconut, and rasberry as well as seasonal specials like pumpkin cheesecake.

For $2.50, you can get a single scoop of one of about twenty flavors on display, or $4.25 for a double. The gelato is made on site with Amy’s own gelato machine. There are also two non-fat, non-dairy sorbets on hand – pineapple and lemon. Gelato flavors include chocolate, raspberry, marscapone, pistachio, mint, strawberry, and vace -- a mix of mango, carrot, passion fruit and pineapple.

Amy’s also offers a few seasonal gelatos. Right now, this includes pumpkin cheesecake, caramel nut, and peanut butter. Unlike most of the skyway shops that close after lunch, Amy’s is open until 5pm. Amy’s serves their gelato in cups or cones or waffle cone bowls. They also make their own waffle cones.

Amy's Classic Confections is open 9-5, Monday - Friday.

If gelato is not your treat of choice, Amy's is also the perfect spot to buy a chocolate or two. Amy’s carries a wide variety of truffles including those by local artisan chocolatier, BT McElrath. Amy's selection of BT McElrath's truffles include (drum roll, please) his passion fruit truffle, signature dark chocolate truffle, lavender-black peppercorn truffle, chile-limon truffle, kaffir lime with coconut and ginger truffle, lemon supreme truffle, and zinfandel-balsamic truffle. Each is $2.00, but the lift it gives to your afternoon just may be priceless.