Young Twin Cities rappers say no to 'Hot Cheetos & Takis,' yes to growing food [VIDEO]

"Screaming Hot Cheetos and Takis/ boy you better eat your broccoli."

"Screaming Hot Cheetos and Takis/ boy you better eat your broccoli."

Do you remember "Hot Cheetos & Takis," the irresistible hip-hop song by local youth group Y.N.RichKids?

“Snack! Snack! Snack! Munch” goes the refrain.

The simple ode to junk food is pure, unadulterated, joyful bubble-gum rap.

But! The message is about eating processed crapola. And that crapola is a persistent and nefarious scourge on urban youth.

So, the youth of Appetite for Change have come up with an ingenious callback song, "Grow Food," which is no less addictive, but better for you.

Both songs were produced with the help of Beats & Rhymes, an organization designed to give kids the chance to experience making and recording music.

Appetite for Change is also a partner in Breaking Bread, the excellent, healthy soul food restaurant that’s a positive foil for the heaps of fast food surrounding Northside kids and families. The video was shot in part at Breaking Bread.

Say “nah” to Hot Cheetos and Takis and chop it up in the kitchen instead.

Then, watch the "Grow Food" video here: