You Got Culinary Questions? Food Gurus Got Answers

Consult with culinary experts at Linden Hill's Farmers Market

Consult with culinary experts at Linden Hill's Farmers Market

Aside from Lynn Rosetto Kasper's excellent radio program The Splendid Table, it can be difficult and intimidating to get good culinary advice from experts. Try to get the soup recipe from the restaurant chef and he will always, always tell you: "There is no recipe. We just make it." Or approach Anthony Bourdain on his next cookbook tour and ask him for tips for getting the best sear on your steak. Go ahead, see how far you get. So what's a home cook to do? The Linden Hills Farmers Market has your answers.

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What would happen if you put dill in the eggs? Which is better, a spatula or a tong? Why is a waiter's corkscrew best? Why is Gordon Ramsay always screaming? Do chefs really powder their nether regions with baking soda to absorb sweat in hot kitchens? (Yes). What, exactly, is vermouth? Can you substitute cilantro for parsley? Why does my souffle never poof? What, exactly, is burning, and other burning questions can all get answered, every Sunday from June through October from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Linden Hills Farmers Market.

A market stall will be set up weekly and manned by industry experts from chefs to servers to bartenders to brewers and perhaps even a food critic or two, to get you all the advice you need, and probably some you didn't.

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