You can get fresh Pronto Pups at a driveway in Faribault

Pronto Pups from the 2017 Minnesota State Fair.

Pronto Pups from the 2017 Minnesota State Fair. Mark Vancleave

There won't be a 2020 Minnesota State Fair, but one of its trademark treats is still available during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

About 50 minutes south of the metro in Faribault, Kathy Heise is still dunking sweetly cornmeal-battered hot dogs into oil, producing Pronto Pups like she has at the fair for decades. The big difference? Her vendor stand now sits at the end of her driveway on Hwy. 60.

Business is reportedly booming. 

"It’s so overwhelming, it just brings me to tears," Heise told WCCO last week. "Because you know [customers] are just so happy to see me, and I thought they were going to think I was nuts."

Heise — whose late husband launched the stand in the '50s — is out there selling Pronto Pups and cotton candy Wednesdays through Sundays outside 4828 Morristown Blvd. Other state fair vendors are deploying their food trucks throughout the Twin Cities, including a cheese curd hotspot in Ramsey. 

The fair-less future certainly sucks for vendors, though an overwhelming majority of City Pages readers said they'd skip the fair even if it hadn't been canceled last Friday. 

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