Yogurt Lab coming to IDS Center

The burgeoning frozen yogurt trend makes its way downtown
The burgeoning frozen yogurt trend makes its way downtown

Though food trucks have taken center stage as the trendy (and anger-inducing) food business of the moment, frozen yogurt seemed to also make a big comeback this year. With Freeziac, Yogurt Lab, Tutti Frutti, and TruBerry all opening shops in the last 12 to 18 months, it's no surprise that the demand in downtown Minneapolis has grown enough to warrant a shop that's convenient for sky-walkers. 

Here are the details on a new Yogurt Lab location and when it plans to open:

The new Yogurt Lab will be taking over the space formerly occupied by Sola Squeeze in the skyway level of the IDS Center. Like its other locations, this new one will be self-serve style but slightly smaller in scale. They'll have six yogurt machines that dispense two flavors each, for 12 rotating flavor options, and 60 options of toppings, from nuts to candy pieces to cereal.

For dessert lovers with dietary restrictions, Yogurt Lab has always been a haven. It offers gluten-free and dairy-free yogurts and toppings. The new location will debut another healthier option: Greek frozen yogurt. The extra-creamy, protein-rich treat will be served prafait style in commutable, skyway-friendly cups.

Yougurt Lab's flagship store is on Excelsior Boulevard near Lake Calhoun. This skyway store, opening sometime in August, will be its second location. The brand also recently announced plans to open stores in Stadium Village and in Edina at 50th and France.

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