Yoerg's Beer, the first beer in Minnesota history, is making a comeback

These ancient beauts are being revived by a pair of beer historians.

These ancient beauts are being revived by a pair of beer historians.

Who doesn't love a good throwback? Shit, half the fun of crushing a Grain Belt or Schlitz tallboy is the nostalgia of the post-Prohibition lager heyday. But thanks to a couple beer history buffs, Minnesota drinkers will soon see the resurgence of a beer so classic that it was, in fact, the original brew made in the North Star State.

Yoerg's Beer was originally brewed in St. Paul in 1848 — that's 34 years before that PBR yer drinkin' won its first blue ribbon and a decade before Minnesota was even a state. The next time it'll be brewed? Right now. The Growler broke the story, noting that Yoerg's Beer will be out in June — which brings the brand back to life after 64 years of dormancy. 

Leading the way are Thomas Keim and Carole Minogue. They were inspired by the legacy of Anthony Yoerg and his family, who built up the brand on the shores of the Mississippi in the Silver City. Keim, in particular, claims to have a half-century-long love affair with the beer. That's what's spurred him to reach out to Wisconsin's Octopi Brewing to score a deal to bring Yoerg's back on a contract basis.

The long-term plan is for Yoerg's to open its own nanobrewery and taproom near the original Yoerg family's brewing site. There they'll feature a full line of steam-brewed Bavarian beers alongside their "honest, aggressive, pleasing" flagship lager. The preliminary lineup includes a bock (out fall 2016), a summer pilsner (out summer 2017), and a dopplebock (out winter 2017). All will be cold fermented like they were before Yoerg's shuttered in 1952.

For an exhaustive, lovingly cataloged history of Yoerg's in Minnesota, see the beer's website