Yo no quiero Taco Bell


Huh... Facebook

The lone Taco Bell in northeast Minneapolis is very popular. Long, snaking drive-thru lines are not unusual at the Tex-Mex franchise, which is located adjacent to the busy Quarry shopping center. 

What happened there Sunday evening is quite unusual. As you'll notice in the photo above, a Hyundai Elantra driver bailed on the drive-thru line. Bailed hard. 

"Happened about a hour ago," writes Debbie Patzner, who posted the image to Facebook group I Love NE Minneapolis. "He got sick of waiting!"

In a subsequent photo from Patzner, we appear to see the driver, freshly exited from their vehicle, walking into the restaurant


Then, finally, we see a tow truck. 


Had the Elantra cleared the grassy median—and it absolutely did not—it still would have had to cross a bike lane before getting onto Stinson Boulevard NE, where cars belong. In defense of the driver, apparently the drive-thru situation yesterday was less than ideal: broken speaker system, closed windows, crawling line. 

"We were there tonight and, to be fair, we pulled up to order and it was a shit show," Facebook user/Dogs of Instagram co-founder Ashley Paguyo El Shourbagy wrote in the comment section. "We joked about doing the exact thing this car did, but, you know, didn't." 

We requested additional details from Patzner, but didn't hear back. When reached by phone on Monday, one of the franchise's managers said he's unaware of the incident, but he did notice tire tracks on the grass this morning. He's planning to review security footage. 

In surprisingly related news: Ryan Warner—the writer behind today's deliciously divisive Jimmy Buffett/Eagles review—wrote a review headlined "Taco Bell's Quesalupa eaten by a man alone in his car" after dining (sad, alone) in that very parking lot.