'Yes Pecan!' inspires suggestions for Bush-themed ice cream


A snarky list of Bush-inspired Ben & Jerry's flavors is getting Internet laughs.

The creative names, including WireTapioca, Impeach Mint and Neocon Politan, come on the heels of Ben & Jerry's recent Obama-alluding 'Yes Pecan!' promotion.

My favorite is the straight-from-the-horse's-mouth Heck of a Job, Brownie!

While the folks at Ben & Jerry's say they got a kick out of the suggestions, the company itself did not solicit them. "We think they're pretty creative, but they're not something that we came up with," a spokesperson says.

Nor did the company release a pint-version of 'Yes Pecan,!' a photo of which recently scored mad Internet mileage. For the promotion, they just temporarily renamed their butter pecan flavor.

Meanwhile, I'm stuck on trying to think of flavors for Rumsfeld and Condi.