Yes Men take on Whole Foods


The release of the new Yes Men movie, "The Yes Men Fix the World," has been inspiring the culture jamming satirist duo to engage filmgoers in some pointed, hilarious hijinks. One recent event, after a screening in Manhattan, involved a couple hundred people, some dressed up as SurvivaBalls (several of which recently chased -- chased! -- U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter), breaking into song at a Whole Foods in lower Manhattan. Addressed to company CEO John Mackey, the song was reportedly sung to the tune of the 80s hit "Oh, Mickey:" "Hey Mackey, you're a swine, you're a swine you blow my mind, hey Mackey!" Mackey has drawn fire for his anti-union views and, more recently, his opposition to health care reform. "The Yes Men Fix the World" will screen in Minneapolis in December. (Original "Oh, Mickey" vid after the jump).