Wuollet Bakery vs. Patisserie Margo: Whose gingerbread man is worth catching?

Wuollet Bakery's gingerbread (snow)man: festive or freaky?

Wuollet Bakery's gingerbread (snow)man: festive or freaky?

If the holidays have you running as fast as you can, at least you can catch a gingerbread man, or a dozen, at a local bakery. Read on to find out whether Wuollet Bakery or Patisserie Margo triumphed in our taste test.


Wuollet Bakery Wuollet Bakery sells medium-sized gingerbread boys for $3.25 and big guys, decorated as Santas and snowmen, for $4.25 apiece. The Santas and snowmen are a cross between festive and freaky, since they look like icing masks for the gingerbread man underneath. The snowman we chose had subtle spice and sweetness. It was also crispy, more of a biscuit than a cookie. Solution? Dip the cookie in coffee, cocoa, or tea. But the snowman and Santa have a problem: They're too big to fit inside a regular-sized cup.

Patisserie Margo

Margo sells smaller gingerbread folk: three-inch-tall men ($1.50) and gnomes ($2) with hats of red icing. These cookies were a tiny bit softer than Wuollet's, meaning they didn't shatter when bitten. Their spice was also more pronounced. The winner: We like Margo's tiny treats. They were easy to eat and satisfying to our sweet tooth without being big enough to seem gluttonous.