WTF is this cooking competition with nudity?



"It's Magic Mike meets Iron Chef!" a press release exclaims.

Hennepin Theatre Trust has some super weird shows on its calendar right now. There's Puddles, a depressed clown that found fame on YouTube, some sort of presentation featuring Bill Murray and a cellist, and, the biggest head-scratcher, Tomi Lahren, aka "White Power Barbie," is coming to Pantages for an evening.

And then there's Chefs, a cooking competition with stripping. The showrunners promise a lot for this evening:

"If Magic Mike could cook and Christian Grey could dance they still wouldn't be as hot as the Chefs in this interactive spectacular that promises to be the most satisfying show of your life."

The production brings a group of chefs/strippers, who will chop, dice, and do other food-related things in front of a live audience. In some cases, attendees will be brought onstage for sexy food prep/cooking-related activities. After each challenge, the audience will vote for their favorites, and the losers will remove a piece of clothing -- kind of like a game of strip poker.

In between those segments there will be dance numbers, audience screaming, and dry humping (is that okay for food safety?).

The show will be at Pantages Theatre April 6. Tickets are $38 to $48, and can be purchased at