WSPA launches database of humane restaurants nationwide

This week the WPCA (World Society for the Protection of Animals) announced the launch of, a website featuring a database of over 150 restaurants in 15 cities throughout the nation that meet their criteria as a humane restaurant. Thirteen restaurants in the Twin Cities have made the cut.

The main criteria to win the thumbs up are restaurants that serve meat and diary that have not been factory-farmed. Locations received praise for serving food from local farmers, seasonal produce, and organic and sustainably farmed menu items as well.

For more information visit Check out the list of thirteen locations in the Twin Cities below.


(1600 W Lake St., Minneapolis, 612.827.5710,


Seward Café

(2129 E Franklin Ave., Minneapolis, 612.332.1011,

The Butcher Block

(308 E. Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, 612.455.1080,


The Craftsman

(4300 E Lake St., Minneapolis, 612.722.0175,


Corner Table

(4257 Nicollet Ave. S, Minneapolis, 612.823.0011,


Crema Café

(3403 Lyndale Ave. S, Minneapolis, 612.824.3868,



(1806 St. Clair Ave., St. Paul, 651.699.3536,


Lucia's Restaurant

(1432 W 31st St., Minneapolis, 612.825.1572,



(750 S 2nd St., Minneapolis, 612.436.2236,


Brasa Rotisserie

(600 E. Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, 612.379.3030,

(777 Grand Ave., St. Paul, 651.224.1302)


Restaurant Alma

(528 University Ave. SE, Minneapolis, 612.379.4909,


Café Twenty Eight

(2724 W. 43rd St., Minneapolis, 612.926.2800,

Café Brenda (Closing December 5)

(300 1st Ave. N., Minneapolis, 612.342.9230,