WSJ: Korean influence rising, even in 'ol Minnesota


Mmmm ... kimchi. slander/Flickr

The Wall Street Journal reports that Korean-inspired food is starting to pervade menus, including some (surprisingly, it seems to suggest) in Minnesota. The article quotes a woman who tracks food trends saying that the appearance of such dishes in places like Minneapolis and Des Moines is a sign that a trend is catching on.

Now, we're not exactly known for our Korean food, but it still doesn't seem surprising to hear that some of our more upscale restaurants might be seeking guidance and inspiration from the cuisine. Aren't we a little more food forward than Des Moines though?

The article mentions some of the more notable creations by restaurants countrywide, among them a Korean barbecue pizza by California Pizza Kitchen and a kimchi banana sauce for lobster at New York's wd~50.

20.21 has some Korean-inspired fare, Senor Wong's too I think, and of course Chino Latino has some Korean tricks up its sleeve, though these are all Asian fusion type places in the first place.

Anyone out there notice some Korean influence where you might not expect it lately?