WSJ gives walleye a shout-out


Way to go walleye, bringing people together. The Wall Street Journal stops over in the "heart of the heart of the land" to check out Duluth's Nokomis Restaurant, which it describes as like "sitting on the First Class sundeck of an ocean liner." Nokomis won mention recently as one of Rachel's Top 5 North Shore eateries and was also mentioned by the Strib's Rick Nelson in a feature on eats up north. What wins the WSJ over? Walleye.

"The top of the food chain at Nokomis, for me, however, was that walleye sandwich. Walleye is a very big deal hereabouts. It's the state fish; Great Lakes fishermen net them in the millions, and restaurants serve them in every form, from beer-battered to blackened. The perfectly broiled piece of walleye we ate exemplified what cookbooks call "fleshy white fish." Moist, sweet-tasting and fleshy, this was supremo fish, in a truly superior setting."

Where do you go for your walleye fix, readers?