Worst new Minnesota State Fair foods

Yes, the list of new foods to debut at the 2010 Minnesota State Fair has been released, and on it are a few items that sound like clunkers at best, train wrecks at worst. Here are five new foods that the Hot Dish is fearing, and hoping that, as soon as we're able to sample them, we'll be eating our words. 5. Cincinnati Chili from Sabino's Pies The jury's still out on the relative grossness of pasta-plus-chili, a.k.a. Cincinnati Chili, which will be served "five-way" at the fair (that means spaghetti noodles are topped with chili, shredded cheese, diced onions, and beans). But we're putting this one on the list simply for being an interloper: The fair should feature Minnesota's best regional foods before reaching beyond our borders.

4. Corndog Pizza from the Pizza Shoppe Everyone's always trying to improve on pizza--spearing it with a stick, rolling it into a cone, topping it with marshmallows and chocolate sauce--including the Pizza Shoppe. They're taking a plain cheese pizza and piling it with lengthwise-sliced corn dogs. It probably won't taste horrible, but it just seems misguided to takes two good things and pit them against each other in a way that cancels their best features out. We prefer to eat ours two-fisted: pizza slice in one hand, corn dog in the other.

3. Ghost Wings at Wings and Things First of all, we're a little confused about the authenticity of these Ghost Wings, as they will supposedly contain "habanera pepper sauce," which sounds like a poor substitute for the expected ghost pepper. Habanero peppers are hot, but the ghost pepper tends to rock roughly five times the Scoville scale punch! Also, feeding super spicy foods to fairgoers--especially those famous for the fury they unleash on the digestive system--seems like a horrible idea from a public health and restroom logistics perspective.

2. Chocolate Tornado from Sonnys Spiral Spuds The newest offering from the makers of spiral-shaped deep-fried potatoes--think potato chip in corkscrew form--is a chocolate-dipped version. Chocolate-covered chips are hard to pull off, in terms of getting the right kind of chocolate, the right ratio of salty to sweet, the right not-too-potato-y-tasting chip. Especially under such high-volume circumstances, which can lead to tepid oil temps and soggy tornadoes. 1. Fried Pig's Ears at Famous Dave's Barbeque Last time we had pig ears, at Grand Szechuan, they were thinly-sliced and served cold. Even slathered in a spicy sauce, it was hard to mask the tough chewiness of the rubbery cartilage. Frying may be the saving grace of the ones planned for Famous Dave's, but we suspect the chipotle-lime glaze will have to do a lot of heavy lifting.

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