World of Beer chain of craft beer bars coming to Minneapolis

A new craft beer bar will feature up to 50 taps and even more in bottles
A new craft beer bar will feature up to 50 taps and even more in bottles

World of Beer, a Tampa-based chain of craft beer bars, is scouting a new location in downtown Minneapolis, reports the Downtown Journal.

WOB has about 30 locations across the nation, mostly in the southeast, but the franchise tries to make each one different by highlighting the local and regional brews unique to each store.

Here are a few more details on the soon-to-open bar: 

WOB bars are typically small (less than 3,000 square feet), so most of their locations don't have kitchens. What they offer instead is a situation that sounds a bit like the deal our local breweries have with food trucks. They plan to partner with neighboring restaurants, create a small, exclusive menu, and have those partnering restaurants deliver right to WOB customers' bar stools.

Many of WOB's other locations have live music, and a spokesperson from the chain confirmed that they plan to have space and licensing for entertainment at the Minneapolis store as well.

Information about the exact spot is yet to be released, but wherever they set up shop, it looks like World of Beer will be open by spring.

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