World Cup Eats: Celebrate at these ethnic restaurants


This week, I finally got the email I've been anticipating for four years, subject header: WORLD CUP MAN-CAVE INSANITY. Yes, I've got an invite to the hottest living room in south Minneapolis to watch the world's best display of beefcake, er, uh, soccer tournament, the World Cup, which begins tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. EST. (Who is bringing the themed crisps, btw?!?)

The plan is to avoid the crowded bars and watch at home--so we can DVR and rewind in case the need strikes to ogle Fernando Torres or replay a head stapling--and use what we save with BYO-beers to celebrate the winners with a meal at a restaurant that serves their country's cuisine. Here's where you can go for great food when your favorite team wins:

We're a little shy on food from Argentina, Honduras, Nigeria, and Portugal, so please comment if you have any ideas.

TEAM BRAZIL--Plan for some big wins, and thus the excess of Fogo de Chao.

TEAM FRANCE--Been looking for an excuse to hit the new crepe cart at Meritage...

TEAM GERMANY--It's prime patio season at the Black Forest.

TEAM GREECE--Again, patio seats at It's Greek to Me.

TEAM ITALY--Soccer calls for pizza, which calls for Punch!

TEAM JAPAN--Sushi seems too serene for soccer, so hit the local izakaya, Moto-i.

TEAM KOREA--Head to King's Fine Korean in Fridley--they have karaoke, too!

TEAM MEXICO--Hit either Mercado Central or El Burrito Mercado and pick up a pinata while you're at it!

TEAM SPAIN--We'll do our part to keep Solera afloat if we can have seats on the roofdeck.

TEAM UNITED KINGDOM--Back to Brit's, and we might even have to watch some of the games on their giant outdoor screen, if the Man Cave gets too rank with testosterone, sweat, and spilled beer.