Woody's Pet Food Deli: is gourmet grub for the pooch too much?


Animal pampering is alive and well in the Twin Cities. On one hand it seems like a perfectly reasonable way to potentially extend and enhance the life of an animal companion, but on the other it just all seems to unquestionably signal the fall of humanity.

Full disclosure: I do not currently own a pet, and I grew up in a family that was more of the hands-off, ok-we'll-feed-and-sometimes-pet-you school of thought.

This past weekend, celebrity talk show host Ellen DeGeneres debuted (on QVC no less) Halo, the all-natural pet food line she became part owner of last year.

DeGeneres is not the first celebrity to publicly pledge borderline-creepy devotion to her pets' caloric intake. Oprah Winfrey and Martha Stewart have also enthusiastically endorsed feeding their pets "real food." Both DeGeneres and Winfrey have also made personal pet dramas very public on their shows.

In the TC, business has been steady at Woody's Pet Food Deli in the Linden Hills neighborhood. The store offers cooked as well as raw food options (free range even!) for your canine and feline companions and has grinding capabilities (think bones and organs) that most home kitchens aren't capable of.

Open since last July, an employee says Woody's is only store of its kind in the Twin Cities. She says the store has become popular not only in the neighborhood but also draws customers from the suburbs.

Woody's has useful information on its website, including links to holistic vets and of course adorable pet photos and an, ahem, gentle reminder that in most places in the world, pets do in fact eat what their human caretakers eat.

Love the one you're with I guess. Let's just hope they don't start hosting pet birthday parties.