Woman says Polish vodka got her fired


Photo by thepartycow via Flickr

Now we here at Hot Dish aren't ones to take pleasure in other people's pain, but now (sue us!) this is just kind of funny.

An Anoka County woman this week sued her former employer, an exercise equipment manufacturer in Ramsey, for discrimination based on age and national origin. The woman, 61, is Polish.

She accuses her supervisor of, among other things, retaliating against her for not bringing her Polish vodka. The woman claims that, in exchange for overtime hours, she had for more than a year been bringing the supervisor vodka so she could score some extra work hours.

However, when she starting getting squeamish about the arrangement and put the kibosh on it, her boss allegedly quit giving her overtime work and began disciplining her for minor infractions. She was fired several months later.

Kind of makes you want a good strong vodka drink to warm you up (in the comfort of your own home of course). Well, there's plenty to go around:

Chopin, a potato vodka -- "pretty damn good" according to the folks at Zipp's -- is probably the biggest name in Polish vodkas. It'll run you close to $30-40 for a bottle (or two to three hours of overtime -- kidding).

If potato vodka's your bag but you want something down a bit further on the Totem pole, Luksusowa vodka gives good bang for the buck says Hennepin Lake Liquors (the store sells a liter for $22).

Surdyk's and Hennepin Lake also recommend the Zubrowka Bison Grass, which costs about $24 a bottle. The Polish vodka family also includes Belvedere and Sobieski.

Just don't go bringing it to work now, mmkay?