Woman invites CC Club to crush Cheetos in Trump protest

Enough crunchy, crushable Cheetos to go around.

Enough crunchy, crushable Cheetos to go around. Tom Q. Johnson

As the backlash against Trump’s presidency continues to grow, communities in Minneapolis are finding new ways to practice self-healing.

Drinking at windowless bars like the CC Club on Lyndale Avenue is a classic method. That’s where we happened to find Renee Vermilyea on a Saturday night taking her coping mechanisms to the next level.

Renee smuggled in loads of tiny Cheetos bags and passed them out to strangers around the bar instructing everyone to imagine the Cheetos as Donald Trump and smash them to smithereens.

Here’s the full Q+A with Renee about how her semi-nonviolent form of personal protest happened. Also, here's Trump's hair photoshopped onto a Cheeto.


Tell us why you’re handing out bags of Cheetos to smash here at the CC Club.
Renee: Well because I’m very upset about Trump — he’s the Cheeto-head, the Lord Cheeto — this is just a way of taking out some of our aggression.

Where’d you get the Cheetos from?

Did you buy the Cheetos thinking you’d do this or was it a happy accident?
Yeah, that was the whole point of why I went to Costco – to buy Cheetos!

Describe why you don’t like Trump.
He doesn’t stand for humanity at all. He’s in it for his own self only and doesn’t care about anybody else who is out there.

Have you done this before?
You know what, I have a bunch of great friends and we get together and blow off some steam. We talked about it for a long time and then we were finally like, ‘Ok, we’re going out and doing this. Let’s get some Cheetos.’

But even though you’re smashing the Cheetos as a symbol of Trump, you still like Cheetos?
Oh yeah.

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