Wisconsin's beloved Stockholm Pie Co. expanding into Minnesota

Look at that big, bad, glorious Stockholm Pie Co. pie

Look at that big, bad, glorious Stockholm Pie Co. pie Stockholm Pie Co.

Regionally aware pie-heads will tell ya: The best pie around is at nationally acclaimed Stockholm Pie Co., just across the Mississippi River in bluffy Stockholm, Wisconsin. 

On Tuesday, we learned the legend of Stockholm Pie Co. is about to grow. Owner Alan Nugent announced plans for a new shop -- Pie Plate Café & Coffee -- located about 30 minutes upriver in Red Wing, Minnesota. 

"Red Wing has been like a second home for Stockholm Pie for years, with our pop-up stores and special order venues during the holidays," Nugent says in a press release. "When we were contemplating the new Pie Plate Café & Coffee, Red Wing felt like the perfect fit."

Pie Plate (2000 Old West Main St.) is expected to open in August at Red Wing's historic Pottery Place district. By-the-slice offerings will include Double Lemon, Coconut Cream, Triple Berry, Triple Chocolate Pecan, and many more; six-inch pies and pie cookies will be for sale, but full-size pies will be special order only. Bonus: Stockholm baker Ruth Raich, who operated Smokey Row Café in Red Wing until 2012, will make the complete line of goodies from her Jenny Lind bakery available at Pie Plate. 

Stockholm Pie Co. has racked up critical and foodie praise since opening in 2008, including the "Legendary" nod it received from Jane and Michael Stern's comprehensive Roadfood website. Nugent's sister, Janet Nugent Garrison, created the recipes for the made-from-scratch lineup of pies. 

Alright! Have a happy Fourth of July; we'll be back with more exciting (and possibly pie-related) content on Thursday. Now enjoy our weird country's de facto national anthem: