Wisconsin homeless man Nathan J. Kittoe dines on park geese

We will resist the temptation here to claim that we've found a solution to two problems: Feeding the homeless, and ridding public parks of geese that insist on crapping everywhere we try to sit and relax with a cold adult beverage on a hot summer's day.

That said, we take note this morning of Nathan J. Kittoe, an 18-year-old homeless man who frequents Warner Park in Madison, Wis. He's in trouble with local cops because he attacked a woman trying to stop him from, well, harvesting geese.

Kittoe drew a knife on the woman, knocked her to the ground and threatened to kill her for coming between him and his next meal, according to the Wisconsin State Journal. When officers arrived they found the knife, and three barrels of burning trash.

In one of them were the bones of his last meal.

Nathan J. Kittoe, who had fishing equipment and bags of trash around a picnic table, told the 59-year-old woman that "he had a right to kill geese as they are his food," according to a Madison police incident report.

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