Wisconsin cheese map: Get yours today!


Get out the tacks, people, and start keep track -- with pride -- of how many of Wisconsin's 116 cheesemakers and cheese shops you can make it to when you're tooling through our dairy-dazed neighbor state this summer. Ready set go! Get your map here.

Some of these places have literally hundreds of types of cheese to choose from. The heaviest concentration is in the southern region of the state, but there at least a dozen within an hour and a half or so of the Twin Cities.

The numbers correlate to descriptions (on the back of the map) of each spot's goods along with contact information and hours. Some that stand out at first glance:

Welcome Dairy in Colby. These folks effing invented colby cheese, in 1899.

Chalet Cheese Cooperative in Monroe aka the only limburger cheese plant in the United States.

Edelweiss Creamery (also in Monroe) makes traditional Emmentaler (love love love that stuff).


Cheese caves: They're not just in Faribault. Hook's Cheese Company in Mineral Point has its own "world champion blue cheese" cured in a cave on-site.

Henning Cheese in Kiel boasts of its "mammoth cheddar." Twelve thousand pound block of cheddar, anyone? Now this we gotta see.

Please report back with details of your exploits, spoils, booty etc.