Wired Russian at the Sample Room: Stay up all night with this drink of the week

Sochi super fans can get super charged for late night, early morning viewings.

Sochi super fans can get super charged for late night, early morning viewings.

Wired Russian The Sample Room $10

Who's in charge of scheduling the Olympics? If you, like us, have been living on the fringes of normal society trying to catch a glimpse of your favorite competitor or team (hello, women's hockey!), join us at the Sample Room for a Wired Russian and we'll stay up all night to get lucky with whatever team, sport, or star you've been waiting to see.

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Okay, so there's online streaming, and the Olympics are basically at your keyboard fingertips, but why deny ourselves a perfectly legitimate excuse to stay up all night hopped up on a super-charged Caucasian? The Sample Room takes the Dude's drink of choice and ups the competitive stakes with house-infused vanilla bean vodka, Kahlua, Bailey's, and homemade cold press coffee. The resulting frothy beverage is as creamy and decadent as you'd expect from the line-up of traditional Iron Butterfly ingredients, with bonus style points for the smooth, not-remotely-fake flavored vodka.

While the Sample Room is more classic movie marathon than biathlon when it comes to their screen time, it earns its stripes as a cozy neighborhood spot where you can have your PBR tallboy and your house-made charcuterie, too. Enjoy your Wired Russian after a hearty helping of small plates, when there's no room for dessert but just enough space to squeeze in a nightcap, part pick-me-up, and part put-me-down. Garnished with three coffee beans, this cocktail will bring you good fortune, whether you're pulling an all-nighter for your favorite team or planning to watch the replay with your morning cup o' Joe.

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