Wine industry toasts the Obamas


Our new President knows how to enjoy a good beer or a nice glass of wine.

After eight years under teatotaling Prez G. W. Bush, winemakers are toasting the new Obama administration.

Reuters reports that U.S. wine producers were thrilled to learn the Obamas had bought a $1.65 million mansion in Chicago equipped with and a wine cellar that reportedly holds up to 1,000 bottles.

Apparently, the White House doesn't have a wine cellar but has a small team of sommeliers who choose wines for events--all wines served at state dinners are American.

Wines the Obamas have been drinking--a South African sparkling wine made by Graham Beck they reportedly poured on election night and the Duckhorn Vineyard's Sauvignon Blanc and Goldeneye Vineyard's Pinot Noir served at the official Inauguration lunch--have been selling out at liquor stores.

La Finquita Winery in Napa Valley is offering a 2005 Merlot in a limited collector edition bottle with a handetched, gold painted picture of Obama.