Win The Fresh Girl's Guide to Easy Canning and Preserving

If you impulse bought a bushel of beautiful-looking beets at last weekend's farmers' market or your garden exploded with too many tomatoes, don't fret. Ana Micka's new book, The Fresh Girl's Guide to Easy Canning and Preserving, is here to help you process and store your summer surplus.

Micka will help you select your equipment, prep foods to preserve, and avoid any risk of botulism. But first, you have to win yourself a copy of the book.

Micka, a St. Louis Park-based canner, breaks the process down into easy steps and offers several recipes for basic hot water bath canning (acidic foods such as tomatoes and fruit, heated to 212 degrees) and pressure canning (low-acid foods such as meats and vegetables, heated to 240 degrees). Applesauce? Check. Watermelon pickles. Definitely. Masoor Dal Soup and Boeuf Bourguignon? Indeed.

Share your most memorable canning experience, good or bad--a successful batch of delicious dilly beans, the Great Strawberry Jam Disaster of 2007--in the comments and the best one will receive a free copy of the book.

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