Win free beer for life at Northbound Smokehouse and Brewpub

Win free beer for life at Northbound Smokehouse and Brewpub
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Free stuff is the best... but what's better than that? Free stuff for life. The folks at Northbound Smokehouse and Brewpub are up to their old tricks again and offering one lucky person brews on the house forever.

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For their one-year anniversary, Northbound will raffle off a membership to their exclusive (and awesome) Free Beer for Life club.

Sound familiar? That's because this isn't the first time that Northbound has lured beer-drinkers in with the promise of beer forever. Before they opened their doors, the soon-to-be Best Brewpub of 2013 offered investors who pledged $1,000 or more entry into this hoppy clique.

Even though that first ship has sailed, you've got another chance to join the ranks of Northbound's Beer4Lifers with their anniversary raffle. Proceeds from the contest will be donated to two local charities.

Right now, they're still in the planning stages, and you can help decide which places the raffle funds will help benefit. Until this Friday, August 9, Northbound will take suggestions on which organizations to fund.

For more information and to find out how to cast your vote, visit the Beer4Good page on their website.

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