Win a CSA share at Black Forest's Spargelfest


The Black Forest Inn is celebrating Spargelfest by serving fresh, local asparagus (spargel's the German word for asparagus) in every possible permutation: asparagus soup, salad, and bread, asparagus with pork, with steak or in a savory cheesecake, deep-fried asparagus, asparagus rolled in crepes or infused in vodka to make Spargeltinis. I can't imagine what the restrooms will smell like (Apparently Proust was quoted as saying that asparagus "...transforms my chamber-pot into a flask of perfume.")

Spargelfest inludes a chance to win a CSA share from Turnip Rock Farm, and a special benefit for Harvest for the Hungry on Friday, May 29, as well as asparagus cooking demos at the Mill City Farmers Market this Saturday.