Win a copy of "Cooking Dirty"

Denver alt-weekly restaurant critic Jason Sheehan recently released his memoir, Cooking Dirty, and I've got my hands on a copy. From Sheehan's first job as a dishwasher at a pizza joint to his last one as chef de cuisine at a fancy Tex-Mex joint, it's got all the sex, drugs, and violence you'd expect from a kitchen memoir. And if Sheehan's enough of a charmer to convince his now-wife to marry him after he ditches her, nearly kills himself, and generally acts like a dick, I suspect his storytelling charisma will be well-recieved by most readers.

I'll send my copy of the book to the first person who can guess a) the name of the place where I had my first restaurant job (hint: it was a diner in Edina) and b) what the manager there had tacked up on the bulletin board in his office. (Something that belonged to him, *not* any of the female staff...)

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