Will it blend...a gun?

Everybody seems to have one of those "fun" uncles who buys the kids--other people's kids, mind you--toys that shoot, sing, or explode, which they use to annoy whole housefuls of holiday guests. Well, here's the grown-up version of that gift, one that can provide hours of entertainment and ease social tensions if you've got an extra $400 to spend this season: The Blendtec Total Blender.

For the past few years, Blendtec's kitschy, infomercial-like Will It Blend? viral videos have been circulating around cyberspace, as host Tom Dickson tested the machine's capabilities by blending the hell out of golf balls, Coke cans, marbles, iPhones, and the like. In this latest one, Dickson pulverizes an Air Soft Pistol and some bbs into, literally, gunsmoke. Despite the "Done Try This at Home" warnings, I fear that the Blendtec may soon be responsible for as many holiday accidents as deep fried turkeys...

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