Will a building sale spell trouble for Delicata's summer of pizza and ice cream?

But we were *just* promised a summer full of pop-ups.

But we were *just* promised a summer full of pop-ups. Delicata

Wait... Was that summerlong pizza/ice cream pop-up party we were just frothing over too good to be true?

On June 11, the building that houses Delicata at 1341 Pascal St. in St. Paul was put up for sale. Please note: This was only one day after Delicata and Sweet Science announced plans to host a series of pop-ups throughout the summer, beginning the 21st of this month.

Befuddled, City Pages reached out to Delicata owner Matty O’Reilly to put some perspective on what appeared to actually perhaps be sweet sorrow.

“I don’t own [the building]. It’s my landlord,” O’Reilly explained. “He told me back in March or April he was going to list the building, but we have 12 years left on our lease there.”

O'Reilly says he continued making summertime plans just like any of us would if we had 12-year leases in our pockets. That long-term guarantee, paired with an “astronomical” asking price of over $1.1 million means O’Reilly—though perplexed by his landlord's actions—remains unconcerned with the pizza and ice cream party pop-ups for this summer.

Or the next, for that matter: “The building and the business are very independent of themselves.”

We look forward to seeing you at these pop-ups, as planned -- bonkers landlords be darned.