Wild, Wild Turkeys

So you've tried free-range, hormone-free turkeys, and you sort of felt like a pilgrim, but something was still missing. This year, you can get a wild turkey--that's right, like the pretty kind on the bourbon bottle--from a family game farm in Beloit, Wisconsin. Wild turkeys are leaner, smaller, and more gamey than domesticated turkeys, and Mrs. Toubl, from the Toubl Game Bird Farm, swears that they're the best-tasting turkeys you'll ever try. Plus, they're authentic to the pilgrim experience, except for the musket ball. Birds average between 6 and 8 pounds and cost $25. Two-day UPS shipping to the Twin Cities costs about $10, and you can order for Thanksgiving up until November 24. Toubl Game Bird Farm: (608) 365-1789.


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