Wild Side Cafe: Serving game on the city streets

One wild burger
One wild burger
Joy Summers

Galloping onto the curbside dining scene, the new Wild Side Cafe is serving burgers beyond the beef. Utilizing different types of proteins, they craft burgers and meat snacks for the hungry masses. With options ranging from venison to buffalo and beyond, this new concept had us were intrigued.

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The menu is primarily burgers. Diners can choose buffalo, venison, beef, or chicken breast and choose their toppings, including lettuce, tomato, bacon, onions, jalapenos, and olives.

Ordering from the friendly staff inside this new trailer
Ordering from the friendly staff inside this new trailer

They've also got a venison brat topped with sauerkraut and all-beef hot dogs. Snacks that you can take to go include jerky and meat snacks from an even wider selection of meats -- roadkill anyone?

We sampled the buffalo burger topped with American cheese for the melting and pickled jalapenos in a basket with crinkle fries for $7.50.  

The Wild Side Cafe hails from Burnsville and is run by Mary and Scott Sullivan with a little help from her parents, Pamela and Arnold Hofstedt. The dream of opening a mobile food cart began when Mary and Scott helped some friends at their kettlecorn business. We stopped by on one of their first forays into the wilds of downtown St. Paul. Judging by the line, there's a hunger for their wild cuisine.

Our burger arrived moments after placing the order. The bun was tender and soft, jalapenos zesty and tart, and the meat juicy. It was cooked well-done -- a little past our preferred doneness. 

The habanero-spiked meat stick we sampled ($5) packed a serious spice kick in each meaty bite. It's definitely earned a spot in the cup holder on our next back-country road trip. Next we'll have to try some venison, or perhaps some antelope or pheasant jerky. 

Wild Side Cafe, website

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