Wienermobile crash just one of many Wis. food truck mishaps


CP's Blotter blogged yesterday about a weekend mishap in Mount Pleasant, Wis. involving one of Oscar Mayer's fleet of Wienermobiles. Apparently the driver meant to drive in reverse?

A friend of Hot Dish points out a goldmine comment to the Strib's story, Reason Number xxx that the comments section is typically more illuminating and/or funny than the story itself. From commenter johnnyshwai:

There was also a beer spill yesterday in Madison, a bean spill last week near Janesville/Beloit, a hot dog spill in Oshkosh and a keg spill near Miller Park in April too. Cookout time! There's a Facebook group dedicated to the phenomenon: Wisconsin Truck Spill Barbecue.

It's like Spike TV meets the Food Network! Awesome. Now if we could only get some food trucks involved in some high speed chases ...