Whole Foods opening downtown in 2013

Whole Foods is opening a store downtown next year.

The store will open on the corner of Washington and Hennepin and will feature a separate liquor store for customers.

It's planned to be a 38,000-square-foot store, which means plenty of space for fresh foods for the health-crazed among us.

Company officials are excited to be opening a store downtown, according to Twin Cities Business.

"We look forward to adding to our existing locations in the Twin Cities," Whole Foods Midwest regional president Michael Bashaw said. "The Twin Cities is definitely an area of growth for us, and we're extremely excited to expand our offering of natural and organic products to an even greater customer base."

The store will create about 150 jobs, according to the company. TCB conducted a survey last year that showed Minneapolis residents want a grocery store downtown.

Whole Foods has been expanding into the Twin Cities over the past couple years, having recently opened locations in Edina and Minnetonka. It also has a location in Minneapolis.

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