White Bear Lake vegan clothing brand is now a White Bear Lake vegan smoothie shop

Look how cute!!!

Look how cute!!! PLNT BSD

PLNT BSD started with just a couple of T-shirts.

Caroline Yares and her husband Tony are both vegan, and they wanted merch that made a statement about their lifestyle without taking a super-aggro approach. They removed the vowels from "plant-based" to get PLNT BSD, printing the abbreviated phrase on a handful of tees in a tall, skinny little font.

The shirts were stylish, but something happened the couple didn't expect: Cutting the vowels out like so much meat and dairy had people looking at the message, giving the lettering more than a cursory glance. Folks started asking about the shirts, so the couple made more—using cruelty-free ink and materials, of course—and their one-off printing project eventually became a full line of apparel.

But they weren't content to stop at hats and hoodies. "The transition to the food cart was always a dream, but something I never thought I would actually be able to make happen for us," Caroline says. She's inspired by the tropics, where fresh fruit abounds, and she makes a plant-based bowl for herself every morning: "It's almost a form of mediation." She reasoned... why not bring that to the people of Minnesota? And this spring, PLNT BSD's Plant-Based Bowls smoothie cart rolled into downtown White Bear Lake.

"My dream is to have PLNT BSD smoothie bowls and apparel work with each other to promote a vegan lifestyle and diet for all," Yares says. "Just like our apparel, our bowls are 100 percent plant-based, with nothing artificial and zero added sugars." They only use fresh fruits and veggies, so this is a healthy, vitamin-packed meal. The current menu includes options like the Lake Mermaid—a banana, blueberry, and almond-milk base topped with more blueberries and bananas plus blackberries and chia seeds—and the protein-heavy Power Bowl, with peanut butter, oats, banana, and more.

Yares remembers moving to White Bear Lake during a time when options were slim for the vegan community, something that's something that's started to change for the veggie-er. Vegan East Bakery opened, exploded in popularity, and expanded to Minneapolis in less than a year; you can get an Impossible burger from Burger Bar. Caroline also shouts out Anchor Coffee, where they offer an assortment of plant-milk drinks, and says her personal favorite is Pezzo, which can make all pizza crusts vegan (and serves a mean salad).

As for PLNT BSD, Caroline and Tony want their vowel-averse brand to continue spreading a positive message about choosing a plant-based lifestyle—whether people are vegan or not.

"I think it's important to have a pro-vegan apparel brand because we need to break the cycle thats been pushed on us for years regarding the meat, dairy industry," she says. "People are unaware what’s actually happening to animals due to factory farming, and what it's doing to our planet. If we can all do our part in some way, we can turn this around. Meatless Mondays, vegetarianism, veganism, and making plant-based choices daily helps millions of animals who don’t have a voice. We can be a voice for them."

You can find Plant-Based Bowls' hours and location here