Whiskey War over as Kieran Folliard settles with Jameson Whiskey

Less than a week after Kieran Folliard filed a lawsuit against Jameson Whiskey, the whiskey war has ended.

The complaint, filed in federal court last Wednesday, claimed that Jameson Whiskey's "Jameson Big Ginger" was a case of trademark infringement.

Folliard requested a U.S. trademark for "the Big Ginger" in June 2008 and received the trademark in August 2009. That, Folliard claimed, prevented Jameson from using the "Big Ginger" name, so Folliard requested an injunction last week to keep the whiskey giant from using the name.

The attorney representing Folliard withdrew the complaint this morning in a letter to the court, stating that the parties reached an "amicable settlement."

Folliard still owns the "Big Ginger" trademark and will continue to sell his trademark drink, according to the Star Tribune.

Previous Kieran Folliard suing Jameson Whiskey over "Big Ginger"

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