Whipahol: a marriage of alcohol and whipped cream

Alcohol, nitrous oxide, and whip cream sounds like the grocery list for a suburban high school party. But to the genius folks at Whipped Lightning, it's the makings of "the world's first alcohol-infused whip cream." That's whipahol to you, buddy.

Whipahol: a marriage of alcohol and whipped cream

The Onion's A.V. Club decided to taste-test a selection of the company's eight flavors (choose from amaretto, white chocolate raspberry, spiced vanilla, tropical passion, coconut, macadamia, cinnamon, and orange), which are marketed as shot-toppers for such campus bar staples as the Blow Job and Apple Pie shots.

The taste test revealed that Whipahol, which has a proof of 36.5, tastes strongly of alcohol and only vaguely like anything creamy. Which seemed to make sense after reading this:

Since Whipped Lightning isn't considered a food product and therefore isn't subject to FDA labeling requirements, it's unclear how much actual cream it contains--but the fact that it isn't considered a food product and that it doesn't need to be refrigerated should indicate that there isn't much. Consequently, the portmanteau Whipahol should be interpreted as "whipped alcohol," not "alcoholic whipped cream"; this is basically alcoholic foam, not nearly rich or substantial enough to stand alongside the Reddi- and Cool whips of the world

Something tells me the "whipped alcohol" thing isn't going to be a turnoff to most of you. The only downside: Right now Whipahol isn't being sold in Minnesota. Luckily, this unrefrigerated product is easily shipped for $9.99 a can. Because you definitely don't want to miss out on what one A.V. Club employee described as "what alcoholics think clouds taste like."

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