Whipahol: 5 best uses for alcoholic whipped cream

Alcohol + whipped cream = fun!

Alcohol + whipped cream = fun!

We heard about "whipahol"--alcohol-infused aerosol whipped cream--a few months ago, back when it wasn't yet being sold in Minnesota. Lo and behold, a recent trip to Surdyk's found a whole stash of Cream brand whipahol in multiple flavors (chocolate, caramel, vanilla) lined up near the checkout for impulse buys.

I asked one of the shop's more mature wine experts if he'd tried the whipahol. Of course, he said--and it was pretty good. In fact, he had enough experience with the stuff to warn me that the product was best used the same day it was opened. I gave the clerk $10 and went home with a can of vanilla.

Our team of Official Hot Dish Guinea Pigs then tested the product and came up with their top 5 suggestions for how best to use whipahol:


1. Straight from the can Cream whipahol tastes surprisingly good, considering it's more likely made of some sort of plastic than any actual dairy product. (No ingredients are listed, but it's not supposed to be refrigerated, which seems suspicious...) The cream doesn't leave a waxy residue, is surprisingly absent of any odd chemical notes, and boasts a fairly strong alcohol-flavored punch due to its 30 proof status. Down the hatch!

2. In alcoholic drinks It seems a little redundant to top alcohol with more alcohol, but for those trying to pick up the pace of their buzz, a little whipahol on top of a shot of Kahlua will do it. The Cream website offers recipes for all sorts of bevvies, such as the Caribou CREAMtini.

3. On desserts Whipahol would be a perfect substitute for pretty much any whipped cream topped dessert, from pumpkin pie to ice cream sundaes. Our testers squirted it on a s'more and found it added a creamy kick to the fireside treat.


4. Body shots As an evening with whipahol progresses and intoxication commences, it's only natural that the stuff starts getting squirted on skin. (Cream doesn't seem to be too subtle about this potential application: All our testers remarked on the packaging graphics' resemblance to those of sex products.) Just lick it off quick before the stuff melts!

5. Halloween costume Still don't have one? Go retro and recreate the whipped cream bikini scene in Varsity Blues. For a limited time, the Whipped Lightning® brand, which claims to be the world's first alcohol-infused whipped cream, is offering a pumpkin pie flavor!