Where the wild beers are

(Classic Gueuze, a dry and slightly sour beer. Pic by Bernt Rostad)

Never heard of wild or sour ales? These unique and somewhat rare beers are created by relying on endogenous, or "wild" yeast and bacteria found onsite at breweries, rather than by adding "pure" yeast during the brewing process. The results tend to be beers that are super dry (the natural yeast eats off the excess sugar during fermentation), tart, acidic, or even a little fruity (peaches, cherries, and other fruits are sometimes added to enrich the complex flavors).

This weekend sour and wild beer enthusiasts are invited to share samples at the Where the Wild Beers Are Festival.

The event is this Saturday from noon to 6 p.m. at Stub & Herbs on the east bank of the U of M campus (227 Oak St. SE, Minneapolis). Participants are asked to bring chilled beer that they would like to share with other guests in a beer potluck of sorts. Samples will be poured by event volunteers and engaging bar chats with local drinkers will presumably ensue.

Sound interesting? Or looking to see if sour and wild beers are your thing? The 21+ (obviously) party requires pre-registration. Check out the full list of rules and sign up at