Where Obama should eat in the Twin Cities

Dear Mr. President, Welcome to the Twin Cities. We're very much looking forward to your Northrup Mall visit. (The opening band is going to be awesome, by the way!) But surely with all that baby kissing and public speaking, you're going to work up an appetite.

Here's where we'd recommend you refuel, in spite of your tight schedule, security concerns, and penchant for healthy eating:

Breakfast at Al's Breakfast The 14-stool, Dinkytown diner is something of a local and national icon (the James Beard Foundation named it one of "America's Classics Restaurants.") It's known for its hospitality, its seasonal pumpkin pancakes--and, unfortunately, it's crowds. But can't you just envision the people parting, Red Sea-style, to make room for the Prez to sit down?

Lunch at The Nook We know you like a burger, Mr. President, and Minnesota's own cheese-stuffed Jucy Lucy will make you rethink your fondness for Five Guys. Rather than have you add fuel to the who-started-it-first rivalry between Matt's Bar and the 5-8 club by showing favoritism, we'd send you to the Nook. Just be sure to take your first bite of "juicy nookie" with caution--we don't want to send you to the ER with a molten-American burn.

Dinner at Travail The food at this neo-gastropub is tasty (get the charcuterie plate!), the prices are recession-friendly, the work ethic of the staff is impressive, and, perhaps most important to our stress-loaded leader, the atmosphere is laid back. You can play games in the back while you wait for your food--and you might even be inspired to get a Star Wars tattoo.

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Al's Breakfast

413 14th Ave. SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414


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