Where can I find a good biscuits and gravy?

Be'Wiched Deli makes a mighty fine biscuits and gravy.
Be'Wiched Deli makes a mighty fine biscuits and gravy.
Emily Utne

A reader writes: I'm looking for good biscuits and gravy. I found the Best Of this subject from 1998, with a blurb, but I didn't see what restaurant in which the article was written. Can you give me any clues?

Hmm...the blurb appears to be referring to Rick's Old Time Cafe, which used to inhabit the Victor's 1959 Cuban Cafe space at 38th and Grand, and closed about a year after it picked up those Best Of honors.

It also appears that Best Biscuits and Gravy hasn't been a Best Of category since Sunnyside Up picked up the win in 2000. It's probably an award we should reinstate, as that information seems a little out of date and there are several strong contenders.

My two current faves are the ones at the subject of next week's Dish review, Sun Street Breads at 46th/Nicollet, and the ones on the semi-new brunch menu at Be'Wiched Deli in the Warehouse District. If you're in the old Rick's neighborhood, the ones at Grand Cafe are also worth investigating, though I'd skip the ones at Butter unless they've changed their stripes--a plate I had a while back was a bland, sodden wreck (though their eclairs are still divine).

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