Where can I cheer up a friend who just got dumped?

Now that it's June, the spring flings that launched a few months ago have started to bust up. The question has popped up a few times lately among those whose friends just got dumped: Where can I take him/her out to cheer up?

Your first instinct may involve alcohol, but nobody wants to see the sloppy pity-party that can turn into. My vote would be to go for something indulgent, at a place that's easily accessible by bicycle. That way, you can ride to your destination to get the endorphins going and raise your friend's mood. Then you can load up on calories--and still keep your friend's physique in top shape for attracting a new gf/bf who's totally way better than the last one.

For ice cream, I'm a big fan of Pumphouse Creamery, and it's just off the Minnehaha Parkway path. This time of year, the berry flavors are my favorites (they do a great job of sourcing local fruits), but salty caramel fans probably won't be able to pass up their Sea Salt, Caramel, and Praline Pecans. If you're a Local Food Lover cardholder, you can get one of each with their ongoing two-for-one ice cream cones coupons emailed to cardholders each month. One more cool note: Last winter Pumphouse started making its own 9-grain cones using ingredients grown and milled by Whole Grain Milling Co.

For a big 'ol breakfast of quiche, waffles, and scratch-made baked goods, hit 318 Cafe in Excelsior (head west from Minneapolis on the Cedar Lake or Greenway trails). It's one of the few places in town serving Chicago's famed Intelligentsia coffee and has an often-changing selection of scones, muffins, and coffeecake for carbo-loading.

If dessert's more your style, the Turtle Cake at Cafe Latte in St. Paul (bike the spacious lanes on Summit Ave.) is a Twin Cities classic. You could make it yourself, but the cake is so rich you'd probably do fine just splitting a $5 slice.

If you can recommend other spots around town for raising spirits or soothing a broken heart, leave a comment below.

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Pumphouse Creamery

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