What’s up at Zeke’s Unchained Animal?

Zeke's has gone dark

Zeke's has gone dark

The sign on the door at Zeke’s on East Lake Street in the Longfellow neighborhood says “closed today,” but that sign has been posted for at least a week, maybe longer. The restaurant’s website doesn’t offer any clues, and in fact lists upcoming music performances, but no one answers the phone or returns messages.

The restaurant opened in 2013 featuring craft beer, appetizers like the odd-sounding but addictive garlic poppers (roasted garlic cloves breaded and deep-fried and served with jalapeno cream cheese) and damn good burgers. Everything here is (was?) made from scratch, and it showed.

A call to neighboring restaurants confirmed that Zeke's has been dark for a few weeks, and is presumed to be shut down. A staffer at Merlins Rest Pub just down the block said, "At first we thought they had gone on vacation, but it's been long enough now that everyone thinks they're closed for good."