What's the coldest food in the Twin Cities?

It was nearly 90 degrees in the Twin Cities yesterday, and it should be almost as hot today. Sitting here with a box fan in the window exhausting the hot air and drawing in a cool breeze, I noticed that a food critic at our sister paper in Phoenix was posed a question about finding the coldest food in the city. It seemed like a relevant question. Here's what I wish I were eating/drinking:

My first instinct would be to hit a cocktail, probably one at Bradstreet because of their serious devotion to ice (five kinds, in various shapes). I'd order one of the drinks that come with those lovely, twinkling ice spheres that are perfect for everything except maybe recreating the infamous ice scene in Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing.

Next, I'd hit an ice cream shop: a sorbet at Crema, a local fruit flavor at Pumphouse, or, depending on how much work I wanted to get done, Sebastian Joe's high-caff blended ice-cream coffee drink, Karlen's Karma.

Oh, you wanted real food? Not just booze and sweets? How about sushi at Origami (they have great happy hour prices, btw), or Laab Gai at Sen Yai Sen Lek, or spring rolls at Jasmine Deli?

Have a question for City Pages food critic Rachel Hutton? Send it to [email protected]

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Bradstreet Craftshouse - Closed

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