What will it take to get a cat cafe in Minneapolis?

Your morning coffee has the potential to get a lot cuter.

Your morning coffee has the potential to get a lot cuter. Photo courtesy of Cafe Meow Facebook Page

What goes best with coffee next to the morning papers and the creamer? A cat in your lap, duh!

The people of the Cafe Meow want desperately to bring you just that, somewhere in Uptown, sometime soon.

But they’re coming up against some roadblocks. Namely, that an animal shelter has to be zoned in an industrial area and not a commercial one. But you’re not gonna go to a cafe in an industrial zone, are you? The space the cat cafe folks are eyeing is in a hip neighborhood of Uptown, because they want you to stop in for a coffee and leave with a cat. Kind of.

From their literature:

“[We have] a niche of helping rescue cats by working with several rescues to help get cats off the streets and into good homes. Not only is it an educational place but a fun location that can benefit the community by being a relaxing place to get away from the everyday stresses, put smiles on faces, be an educational resource for proper cat care, promote other local businesses, and much more.”

So, you don’t actually have to leave with a cat if you don’t want to. Hang out with some, struggle to keep them off the keyboard, you know, the usual.

So, what to do to make it a reality? Cafe Meow is already reaching out to local residents and neighboring businesses to sign off on the idea, and now they have to convince city officials that a cat cafe will be the cat’s meow for the city of Minneapolis. Are you duly convinced?

Here’s a survey you can take to “Show Su-purr-t” (egregious punning theirs, not ours) for bringing the new business to Uptown.

The Cafe Meow plans to serve Bootstrap Coffee, Northern Lights Teas, and baked goods from My Sister's Sweets.

Cat cafes already exist in cities like New York, Denver, Chicago, and Seattle.