What Avocado Shortage? Get Guacamole "On Tap" at Rosa Mexicano

And you thought Chipotle had the market cornered on ridiculous portions of guacamole.

Evidently, Rosa Mexicano did not receive the memo about an impending avocado shortage because they're slinging it like keg beer at a frat house.

Every day from 3 p.m to 7 p.m. plunk yourself down at the bar (the deal is available in the lounge only) and order up a vat (it serves 5) of guacamole for $14. The hits will just keep on coming because that price tag includes unlimited refills.

Naturally, they're counting on you to pile it high on salty chips so that a third margarita becomes an imperative. At five bucks a pop, that's an affordable proposition. (Hell, you might even be inclined to thrown down $2 extra for top shelf hooch.)

Avocado overkill or epic happy hour deal? Depends on how much guac you can handle before you turn green yourself. Here's to exploring that limit.

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