West Concord farm unveiling its very own poulet rouge


Callister Farm is hosting a very wholesome sounding chicken dinner this Sunday, with a covered wagon ride and everything. The farm will debut its very own "poulet rouge" for the dinner. (That's French for "fancy chicken.")

The poulet rouge is a European breed of chicken and Callister is raising them according to "Label Rouge," a French, pasture-based approach to farming fowl. Here's some more information on the Label Rouge program, which is reportedly followed by nearly a third of French fowl farmers. (French fowl farmers French fowl farmers French fowl farmers.)

If you'd like to get in on the action (think raspberry pie, homemade pickles, and fresh veggies) it's $20 if you're a Slow Food of Minnesota member, $30 if you're not. You can sign up on Slow Food's site. West Concord is northwest of Rochester, 75 miles south of Minneapolis. Bon Appetit!