'We're heartbroken': Ward 6 restaurant will close this weekend

The end of the road.

The end of the road. Facebook: Ward 6

It's the end for an East Side favorite.

The last day for Ward 6 restaurant will be Sunday, June 3—news they announced on Facebook Monday morning. 

"The sad fact is Ward 6 has had a difficult time financially for the past couple of years," the post reads. "Life in the restaurant biz is hard, and for a small restaurant that tries to do things the right way (as we see it), the margins (and margin of error) are very, very small. There is only so long a restaurant can go on without making money, and we have come to the end of that road."

In the relatively brief time since setting up shop in late 2012 (in the former Hamm's brewery space at 858 Payne Ave., St. Paul, no less), Ward 6 quickly became a staple. ("Happy Hour at Cheers," is how we described it.) With a scratch menu and Twin Cities-centric beer list, owners Eric Foster and Bob Parker created a quintessential laid-back neighborhood bar—one the neighborhood really needed. 

And that Facebook post has since been shared hundreds of times, collecting hundreds more comments full of condolences from fans and regulars, a testament to the impact this little restaurant has had on its Payne-Phalen community. 

Ward 6's team thanks "the farmers, the brewers, the purveyors and salespeople of all of our great food and drink—please continue to care about where your food comes from and the people who create it." They conclude with another request, and a word of caution: "We hope to see many of you over these final days to say goodbye. We’re sorry we couldn’t keep this going forever. And please, support your favorite local restaurants—chances are, they’re closer to this kind of situation than you might think."

Read the message in full below, and then get bummed out by the following: Elsewhere in St. Paul, another favorite—Fabulous Fern's—also just announced its run has come to an end.