We're getting another pour-it-yourself taproom, in case you're into that kinda thing

Bot bartenders at First Draft in Denver

Bot bartenders at First Draft in Denver Facebook: First Draft Taproom & Kitchen

Don't want anyone else's filthy mitts coming near your beer?

Well, you have an ever-growing number of pour-your-own taprooms to choose from. Union 32 Craft House brought 32 self-serve taps to Eagan in July, and in November, Farm + Vine introduced the same... convenience? I guess? to Minnetonka, with a DIY drinking system of its own.

Soon, Minneapolis is joining the bartender-free fray. The First Draft Taproom and Kitchen will land in the North Loop in 2018, according to a Tuesday press release.

First Draft uses the same iPourIt system Farm + Vine does in Minnetonka, which works thusly: Thirsty folks get a card that tracks how much booze they're pouring, which means you can sample as little as an ounce or go all-out on a full pint. 

“It’s a great way for people to sample some of the many different beers, wines, or ciders we have without committing to a whole glass,” says Andrew Valen, "a local owner responsible for bringing the concept to the North Loop," according to the release. (It appears there's already a First Draft in Denver making use of the technology.)

Now, this is where we'll offer you an extremely valuable tip: Have you like, been to a bar before? Most bartenders are happy to let you sample a sip of a few different beers before you commit. They uh, probably won't even charge you for that test taste. I know!

But of course, First Draft will have 54 rotating taps, which is an awful lot of choices for curious drinkers who want to try a little bit of everything. It'll be the biggest pour-it-yourself operation in Minnesota, according to the release.

The taproom is planned for 324 Sixth Ave. N. (part of the Variant building) and should open sometime this spring.